Soulgasms: The Book

Discover how to experience your own Soulgasms.

Through this book, I will be taking you through the 5 points of initiation from: 

  1. Em(body)ing the Soul (heal your relationship with your body and prepare it for Soulgasm) to
  2. The Spiritual Striptease (where you will remove your false layers and uncover your soul) on to 
  3. The Sublimely Naked Soul (where you will learn how to move confidently in your authentic self), and through the pathways to 
  4. Becoming a Mistress of Mysticism (here you will heal your relationship with the feminine and tap into your own magick) with our 
  5. final stop the realm of Soulgasms.

In this book, you’ll be able to read excepts from my personal journal.

As well as other unique glimpses into my mystic journeys and channelings, I’ve lovingly named these “Mystic Moments” . 

Each chapter includes a series of exercises to help you heal, grow and experience your own Soulgasms!

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